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About 501CTrain

I am a Freelance Instructional Designer and Developer, available part time (20 – 30 hours per week), working totally remotely (and preferably on a 1099). To see samples of my work, click here.

My specialty is creating or converting eLearning, possibly in conjunction with Structured OJT, for new employees or volunteers. I am also efficient and effective in designing and developing training to support the implementation of new processes, machines, technologies, and procedures. My efforts have saved time in getting new employees and volunteers up to speed and standardizing training across the organization. It has reduced the need for classroom instruction and costs involved.

I am the kind of operation that a business or 501 - C3 organization calls when it needs effective training designed and created efficiently asap. That training could be eLearning of structured OJT or a combination of both.

I have quite a few years designing, developing and delivering training as a freelancer for businesses and organizations. Initial introduction to instructional design and delivery came from employment at IBM. Since then my education has come from books, seminars, and actually designing, developing, and delivering training to over 25 clients, including one in the pharmaceutical industry for which I had multiple projects over 11 years
I can work alone or as an integral part of a team effort.

I’m looking for opportunities to design and develop technical training, especially to expedite and enhance employee onboarding and training by designing and developing eLearning and Structured on Job Training.

I’ll start by learning about your needs, the training material and processes already in place, and where these items need improvement and the cost to the company if improvement does not take place.

Following that I will create a plan, including cost, and present it for review and approval so we can move ahead.
I use iSpring software to develop eLearning courses and modules.

Courses developed with iSpring can be uploaded to an LMS or can stand alone on a website. 

Could Your Organization Benefit by Converting to Learning?

For some the answer is most likely a clear yes, for others, not so much. For instance, If your organization is a 501 C3 and considerable staff time is spent in onboarding new volunteers on a one-on-one or classroom setting basis, the answer could be yes. The same would go for businesses onboarding new employees. In many cases, businesses and organizations spend a lot of staff time onboarding new employees, and a lot, if not most, of that onboarding process could be done effectively and efficiently via eLearning.

In many cases the onboarding process for volunteers can start immediately upon signing up and can ward off "wiggling off the hook” while waiting for a new class. In this case the onboarding process could take place in the volunteer's home.
In some situations, eLearning for businesses that are not computer oriented could take place in the employee's home, but it would need to be done “on the clock.”

What’s our process?

It depends. In some cases where the onboarding process content is already written and satisfactory, the process to convert is relatively simple and could take less than a day. In other cases, I would need to start with an audience and job analysis and then design and develop accordingly. To make a long story short, I would need to discuss the situation, preferably via Zoom, with the organization or business decision makers to determine the appropriate course of action. After getting all of the requirements and existing support documentation, I can provide a time frame and price.

Use the buttons below if you’d like to see samples of my work.

iSpring DemoVolunteer On-BoardingPublic Service CPRStamina Drop - Afib?Server Etiquette 101MFG Training - My Way

For those of you wanting to "do it youself," I invite you to visit my "Technical Training Tips" website.

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